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Belluno Tour – day 2

On the Saturday morning (6th April) we had a good lie in. The roller blinds kept it nice and dark in the apartment even though it was light outside. We got up and showered and scoffed plenty of breakfast investigating some of the less familiar items that had been provided. I tried to make coffee in the little jug thingy but I couldn’t work it out at all. I did end up with coffee but I’m not sure how.

We set off for town at a leisurely pace looking at the surrounding houses and gardens as we went. Eventually we wandered into town not really having much idea where we were going. The boys saw a cake shop that was open and were straight in. I had some thing like a sausage roll but with spinach instead of meat, the boys and Sandra had a French bread pizza looking thing. We sat on benches to eat it and then had some chocolate – huge big slabs of it with nuts in.

Exploring the town we saw lots of old building and found a 3 storey elevator down to a massive car park. So we went for a ride on that as it was free and for us poor country folks it’s a bit of excitement. We had a look at the river too, then we cam back up the escalator! Or most of it, because we went a different way and couldn’t get down to it and ended up climbing down some dodgy looking rusty ladder and walking down a path that looked like a junkies shortcut before jumping over the side of the stairs.

Then we wondered around the piazza and met up with everyone else…who were in a bar. Some of the Belluno parents turned up and then whisked us off to the rugby club. A chap names Stefano who spoke very good English gave us a lift in his car.

Jacob met up with his mates and went off to get change and warm up while we ad-mired the pitch.

Luckily that wasn’t the pitch they were playing on. The match was against the  North East Italy regional side we think. There was a brass band playing at the start and during half time and both sides sang their national anthems. Brecon won but it was a close game and both sides did well.

After the match we went back to the clubhouse were the moms had all cooked some food and were lined up ready to serve. We all had plenty because we wanted to try all the different things and they looked very appetising. Sandra and I washed it down with a bottle of wine. Then the singing started, first some chaps from the local choir followed by the Brecon lads with choirmaster Morris. It was all very entertaining.

When we came to try and get a taxi home another kind chap gave us a lift all the way back to the apartment. Our hosts were fantastic, fair play.


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