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Belluno Tour – day 1

So last Friday we set off on the bus with our rucksacks on our backs and headed to Brecon Rugby Club. We met up with everyone else going on the tour, the U14s and U15s teams and coaches and parents, and had a very nice Lasagne. Having now been,  it was easily on a par with anything we had in Italy later; and we had some very nice food in Italy. Then we all piled on the bus to Bristol airport and then we all piled on the plane. There were red hoodies everywhere so it was easy to keep track of kids and easy for them to stay occupied. Luckily no-one seemed bothered that the bags weren’t the official size. The flight was 2 hrs and 15 minutes and it was dark when we arrived. Next it was on to another bus and off to Belluno. When we got there all the kids got sent off with their host families and we very kindly got driven up to our apartment by Nia Morris…whose mom, Jenny, I used to work with. I didn’t like to dwell on the fact as it made me feel rather old!

The apartment was great. (http://www.dalcapobb.it/en/). James thought the best bit was all the food we’d been left for breakfast.

However, he and Jacob both really like the electric shutters that you could control from inside and outside and which covered all the windows and doors. I must say I really like it too because it made it really dark inside which was great for a good nights kip, although not so great for paddling around in the dark when you want the loo. The boys slept on a fold out bed in the lounge and Sandra and I had the bedroom.

The bathroom and a decent shower in it; and also a washing machine that wasn’t mentioned on the website. This was fantastic as it meant we were able to wash our clothes and two lots of dirty rugby gear without lugging them around Italy honking. There was also a bidet but this time James knew what it was and didn’t fill it up and play with his boats in it.

Our apartment was on the bottom floor of this great looking house. It took us just a few minutes to walk to the bus stop…although we never saw any buses at it. The nearest shop was about 20 minutes away, and the centre of town about 40 minutes.

In front and behind the house there were mountains (the Dolomites) covered in snow but we didn’t get to see the peaks as there was cloud covering them.

It was late on Friday night that we discovered that someone had forgotten to bring the charger for the laptop which meant:

  1. We couldn’t put pictures up as we were going along, which was a shame.
  2. We were carrying a lot of metal and plastic around for nothing.
  3. Dad of someone was right when he kept telling son to check he’d got everything…and check it again.

I think we all had a cracking nights sleep on the Friday.


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