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More sledging and snowshoeing

Hay Bluff looked too good not to visit today. The Black Mountains are still covered in snow and although the temperature has risen they are still painted white and look all the better for it. We went quarter of the way up and sledged down. Well James and Sandra did…I went snow shoeing – which was once again brilliant! In the picture you might just be able to make out some walker near the ridge. It’s bigger than it looks.

James took a selection of sledges and I carried two up to the top while he dragged the other.


Sandra had a go down on James snow scooter (http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/boyz-toys-snow-scooter-p260631), I’m not saying she was slow but a glacier over took her.

It was quite a long way down, you might just be able to spot James at the bottom here. He went very fast and fell off a couple of times with lots of rolling around and lying in the snow pretending he was seriously hurt.

Sandra had a go with the snowshoes and was impressed. Now I know what to get her for her birthday.

While walking around on the slopes I came across this fantastic patterns presumably caused by the wind blowing on the snow and ice.

The drifts on the road up and down looked pretty serious but luckily the gritter has been up. And presumably down.


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