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Brecon Rugby Tournament

James had a rugby tournament at Brecon today. There were loads of teams there from lots of the younger age groups.

“The Lions” were there, at least in some form. There was a nicely decorated Range Rover. They should sign these three now and save themselves worrying over it in the future.

There was a rugby assault course and we had James vs Ben followed by Jacob vs Ben. The results were a bit dubious.

Jonathan Davies was there and all the kids stood round this giant Lions shirt and had their picture taken. Fair play, he stood there for quite a while with a smile on his face being mobbed by kids waiting for the photograph to be taken.

James got stuck in during the matches.

He made some good tackles.

He plays prop at the moment.

It was bitterly cold and I thought all the kids did brilliantly playing in such cold. My fingers were numb in minutes when I took my gloves off. If it had been me playing I’d have coped with the no leggings rule they enforced, as long as they were okay with me towing a Super Ser behind me. Luckily we had the tent and had a bit of a fire inside which took the chill off. Bacon butties helped too but the tea wasn’t much good, as soon as you got cold again you needed the loo.


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